Maharashtra: Vegetable price soar in flood-hit areas

Nashik: Vegetable prices have shot up this month in Nashik as the supply was disrupted due to floods in major cultivating regions on Friday.

Especially the prices of onions and tomatoes are soaring high in the market.

“There is a drastic rise in the price of vegetables in the market. Earlier 1 kg of onions used to cost Rs 10 and now it has jumped to Rs 40. The price of tomatoes has also gone up to Rs 80 for a 1kg. We won’t be able to afford the vegetables for long,” a local resident of Nashik told ANI.

Due to the sudden elevation in the price, residents request the government to take steps to reduce the price of the vegetables.

She added, “We request the government to take some relief measures as soon as possible.”

Maharashtra has been widely affected due to floods owing to incessant rains in the state.