Maharashtra: 33 feared dead after bus falls into the valley

Over 30 people were feared dead after a bus fell into a deep gorge on Saturday in Mumbai, Only one of the 34 passengers travelling in the bus managed to survive as he jumped from the bus while it was sliding along the steep slope of the gorge.

There were 34 employees of an agriculture university when it plunged off a mountain road while negotiating a curve in Raigad district of Maharashtra state. More than 40 persons were to be part of the trip, but the number was reduced since to the capacity of the bus could only carry 34.

As the driver of the bus lost control since a tyre of the bus skidded at a muddy spot on the Ambenali Ghat road. The bus fell to 500 feet down in the 800 feet deep gorge. A team of the National Disaster Response Force was sent to the spot for the search operation.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi and PM Modi offered their condolences.