Mahant’s suicide note leaves many questions unanswered

Prayagraj: The suicide note, purportedly written by Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad President, Mahant Narendra Giri, who ended his life allegedly by suicide on Monday evening, conceals more than it reveals.

The suicide note, running into almost 6 pages, reveals that the seer was deeply disturbed but does not mention clearly the incidents that drove him to take the extreme step.

The Mahant has said that he was disturbed because of his estranged disciple Anand Giri and the priest of the Hanuman temple, Adya Tiwari and his son Sandeep Tiwari, but did not elaborate.

“The Mahant has not said anything about the specific incidents regarding these three, that upset him so much. We are interrogating all three separately to ascertain the reasons that disturbed the late saint,” said a senior police official.

The police are being extremely cautious in revealing the details of the suicide note in view of the sensitivity of the case.

Moreover, the veracity of the note has also been questioned because people close to the saint have said that he was not adept in writing beyond a sentence or two.

Even the accused Anand Giri has said that the suicide note has been “planted” to implicate him.

The suicide note is also a will of sorts because it mentions the Mahant’s wishes about his succession.

“The letter is being sent for forensic examination and we will match samples with his handwriting,” the police official said.

According to the police, the names of the successors of the Math and the Akhara have also been written in this suicide note but the contents have not been disclosed as yet.

Along with this, some things have also been written about “respect and humiliation”.

The Mahant wrote that he had lived his life with respect and dignity and could no longer bear the humiliation.

The suicide note was lying on the bed near the Mahant’s body.

According to sources, the Mahant also video recorded a message that is now in the possession of the police.

The 4-minute video only says what the suicide note has stated.