Maha Dharna on Dec 6, Demanding Re-building Babri Masjid

Forum against Hindu Fascism is organizing a ‘Maha Dharna’ at Indira Park here on December 6 –Babri Masjid demolition Day, demanding re-building of Babri Masjid and punishing the culprits.  The Forum is also demanding putting an end to attacks on dalits in the name of cow protection and arrest of RSS workers indulging in such attacks.


Announcing this at a media meet here today, Forum State Convenor  Buram Abhinav, Co-convenors Moulana Naseeruddin, V Sandhya, Prof S Sujatha, RDF leader Varavara Rao and others  condemned the attacks on dalits and minorities.  They alleged that those who were responsible for demolition of Babri Masjid, provoked violence were now holding high offices at the Centre and in some States.   Those leaders should be arrested and cases filed against them.


They said that the Forum was formed with a number of peoples’ organizations, student bodies and intellectuals, with the objective of fighting against the anti-peoples, undemocratic and repressive policies of the ruling class and to protect the rights of dalits, weaker sections and minorities. They requested all lovers of democracy, intellectuals, students and all those who are opposed to attacks on dalits and minorities, to participate in the December 6 Maha dharna. (NSS)