Maha Arathi ceremony at Tank bund

Capt. L. Pandu Ranga Reddy,






HYDERABAD: Certain political bigwigs are contemplating to hold Maha Arathi ceremony at the necklace road (Hussain Sagar) on 26th January 2018 similar to that of Maha Arathi at Hardwar on the banks of the river Ganges.

Neither is it good for them and for their political outfit nor to people, but it incurs providemtial retribution. The Hussainsagar was built by Hussain Shahwali son-in-law of Ibrahim Qutub Shah.

Unlike usual sons-in-law, this royal son-in-law renounced the world to become a recluse and with the jewelry of his wife, he caused to build a tank across the rivulet named Kalvaleru to quench the thirst of local people.

It had catered to the needs of people till the waters of the Osmansagar had been brough to city in 1921.

There is no gain-saying, it is a sacred tank. What is Pushkar lake at Ajmer to Hindus, the Hussainsagar is sacred to both Hindus and Muslims.

Whosoever treat it sacrilegiously they attract the providential retribution. Late Sarojini Pulla Reddy as a Municipal Minister, permitted the Necklace road around the Hussainsagar, she not only lost position but also never returned to power.

Dr. Marri Channa Reddy accorded permission to Ganesh immersion in 1979 and he was ousted within 2 years. Konda Laxman Bapuji had built a house in the Shikam (Tank-bed); he lost his house and power. Late Maj.Gen J.D. Varma, the then Commander of the Bison division, no sooner did he install an old war tank in the Shiklam than he passed away. Erection of the Buddhist statue in the midst of the tank witnessed many deaths.

That’s why, no Chief Minister is dared to inaugurate it. Dr. Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy built a helipad at Shikam and met an untimely death. Devendra Goud, Minister of T.D.P. Inaugurated the Imax theater, lost his position and has been languishing.

The TDP Government permitted NTR ghat; after that, the TDP neer returned to power in the integrated Andhra Pradesh.

Certain political outfits have started not only Ganesh Nimmajanam but also endeavouring to rename the tank as Vinayaka Sagar. However, they have been earning providential retributuion. If they want to wrest power, they should be more secular not to desecrate holy places.