Maggie Gyllenhaal won’t talk about sexism on red-carpets

Washington: Oscar-nominated actress Maggie Gyllenhaal has admitted that she finds it difficult to talk about ‘sexism’ on red carpets.

According to, the 40-year-old actress shared that she doesn’t like to talk about the current sexual harassment in Hollywood when she’s at a film premiere or awards show as she feels it needs a greater conversation than a quick interview.

While giving an interview to a leading US publication, the actress said, “At the Golden Globes, I found it difficult to discuss this because my feelings about it are very, very complicated, and the conversations that have been most exciting to me are ones that have gone on for 45 minutes.”

She added, “I found it difficult on a red carpet to respond to questions about how I was feeling in a way that felt honest to me. I feel like a five-minute interview or a red carpet is not really the place to talk about this incredibly complicated issue that’s very important to me”.

However, the ‘Melancholia’ star thinks it is great that men and women have joined together to support the “Time`s Up” movement.

“One of the things I thought was amazing about it was that all of these actresses – some of whom are much younger, some of whom are much older, many of whom are my contemporaries, who most of the time are in competition with each other – joined together, all of us in one room, many people saying very smart, interesting things”, explained Gyllenhaal.

The actress concluded by saying that she hopes the energy with which actors and actresses have come forward to support the movement turns into something that is “codified”.

“We raised money for a legal defence fund to pay for women in all sorts of industries who need legal protection. I hope that this energy, and this anger, and this pain, and this hopefulness can turn into something that is codified”, concluded Gyllenhaal. (ANI)