This madrassa in Surat has over 70% Hindu students

SURAT: Madrassas are usually thought of as Muslim-only schools but over 70 per cent of the students at Madresa Islamiya High School in Surat are Hindus.

For more than 100 years, the seminary has been imbibing a sense of humanity and camaraderie among its students coming from various castes, creeds and religions. It celebrates every festival with equal fervour and gaiety.

Implying textual knowledge of their social studies books in their day to day life, these students have learnt the lesson of humanity before any other topic.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Principal Suleiman Ghulam Hussain, said: “Here students are taught from KG to class 12th. 70% of students here are Hindus and 30% Muslims. Students do not only come from Motavarachha (school’s locality in Surat), students from nearby villages also come for education.”