Madrasa student death: Vacant plot has been centre of disputes for a decade

NEW DELHI: The vacant land in front of the madrasa where 8-year-old Mohammad Azeem was lynched during a scuffle has been a fighting pitch for a decade, reports Times Of India.

Locals of JJ colony claimed that they there was no other vacant place nearby the madrassa authorities trying to block a path to the colony passing through the plot.

“There are more than 300 families living there, and since there is no park nearby, the children play on this vacant plot,” said Rahul Kumar. “However, the madrassa people often stop them from playing there, leading to clashes.”

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Saroj alias Shabnam, an eyewitness to the incident said the scuffle begans when the gilli hit by Azeem and friends landed near the group from the JJ Colony preparing to play cricket. “During the scuffle, someone pushed Azeem, who collapsed on the ground,” said Shabnam. Azeem’s classmate, Mohammad Sahil, added, “Azeem was frail and never engaged in any fights, but someone hit him and he fell down. His head also struck something on the ground.”

Azeem sustained an internal injury on his head and die after he was beaten by the youths of the same locality in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar on Thursday.