Madrasa dress code: Muslims should avoid making misleading remarks

New Delhi: Strongly reacting against the misleading and provocative statement, Justice Sohail Aijaz Siddiqui warned Muslim community of India not to pay attention to anything which help communal forces succeed in their plans. Commenting upon the dress code issue, the former chairman for National Commission for Minority Institutions Justice Siddiqui told that according to the fundamental rights ensured by the constitution, no one can decide what we eat and what we wear. The article 26 of the Indian Constitution has guaranteed us the freedom of religion and we are free to follow our religion.

He said madrasas will decide what their students will wear. Today they are telling about madarsas, tomorrow they will say you can only wear jeans while offering namaz kurta pyjama is not allowed. This is illegal. He appealed Muslim community not to pay attention to misleading and provocative statements.