Madhya Pradesh spent Rs. 800 crore in 3 years on advertisements: Congress MLA

BHOPAL: The Madhya Pradesh government has spent Rs. 800 crore on advertisements in the last three years, a Congress MLA said on Monday.

Congress legislator Jitu Patwari said that his information was based on the response to his query in this regard.

During a discussion on supplementary budget in the assembly, Mr Patwari said: “In response to a query, the state government informed that it spent Rs. 900 crore on advertisements in the last three years.”

“While, on one hand, the debt burden on the state is rising, on the other, the government expenses on advertisements and publicity is increasing with each passing year,” the MLA pointed out.

Apart from the spends on publicity of various schemes, money was also spent on projecting the Chief Minister as a well-mannered person, and journalists were paid to write about the “good deeds” of the government, Mr Patwari alleged.