Madhya Pradesh: Man killed in explosion in his house

Bhopal: An explosion in a house in Madhya Pradesh’s Orccha, killed the house owner while severely injuring eight others.

The explosion was big, damaging several other houses in the radius.

The explosion took place in Natthu Singh Kushwala’ house in Orccha around 4 pm. His wife and children along with other neighbours were injured.

The injured were rushed to nearby hospital while with victims with serious injuries were taken to Jhansi.

The Police found illegal arms including three pistols, live cartridges and detonator after clearing the debris of the house destroyed in the explosion.

According to the Police officials, Natthu Singh had no licence to sell explosives or crackers.
The Police is not probing into the matter to find out more about the deceased Natthu’s illegal business, the reason of the blast and the nature of explosives kept in the house.

So far the officials have no information about how and why Natthu was illegally storing explosives.

The Bomb Disposal Squad and forensic experts also reached the spot to look into the matter.