Madhya Pradesh Farmer Allegedly Commits Suicide, Family Blames Drought

TIKAMGARH, MADHYA PRADESH: A 28-year old farmer allegedly committed suicide at Prithvipur town, in the Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, about 300 kilometres from Bhopal. The local police station in charge Chandan Singh Parihar said that the farmer, identified as Dhaniram Kushwah, hung himself from a tree near his home on Thursday night.

Mr Parihar said that the cause of death will be known after a probe. The farmer’s family have said that he was struggling to make ends meet due to his poor financial condition, the police official added.

The farmer’s father, Mitthulal, said that there was no income from the crop since the past 2-3 years due to a drought-like situation.

He added that Mr Kushwah was also working as a labourer but that too didn’t help him meet the household expenses.

Mitthulal said these circumstances might have prompted his son to commit suicide.