Madhya Pradesh Constable Writes To CM Seeking Salary Hike, Posts Letter On FB

INDORE — A 28-year-old police constable has written to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan seeking hike in salary for police personnel and shared his letter on social media, prompting action against him from his department over the act.

Suraj Singh Chundawat, posted in Burhannpur, wrote to Chouhan and shared it on Facebook on 21 April, seeking raise in salaries of police personnel to an extent “that they can feed their families properly”.

The post, which garnered several ‘likes’ and shares on Facebook also got circulated on mobile messenger WhatsApp, has invited action from the police department which will seek a reply from him for the said act.

Though Chundawat praised Chouhan for MP’s development and progress, he asked, “Is being a policeman a crime? We are working on very less salary, stay away from our families, half of the time are unable to eat food and despite all this whenever the issue of raising salary of police personnel comes, there is a budget constraint for the same. The amount of salary that we get is not even enough for feeding two persons,” he wrote.

“Posting such a letter on social media by Chundawat is a violation of Madhya Pradesh Civil Service Conduct Rules and we are issuing a notice to him to seek his reply on the matter,” Superintendent of Police, Burhannpur, Anil Singh Kushwaha told PTI.

Kushwaha said the constable has a right to express his feelings, but police is a disciplined force and he has to raise the matter in a proper manner and at a proper forum.

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