Madhya Pradesh: After Mayawati’s exit, Congress eyes on Muslim voters

New Delhi: BSP chief and former UP chief minister Mayawati has made an announcement that the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) will not enter an alliance with the Congress in states for the upcoming elections. Though it is a big jolt to the Congress High command and a big blow to the grand alliance for 2019 elections, Madhya Pradesh Congress president Kamal Nath Singh has begun new strategy. Failing to enter an alliance with BSP, Kamal Nath has focused his attention towards the Samajwadi party and the 8 pc Muslim voters of the state.

Congress was defeated with 3 to 8 thousand votes on 100 seats in the previous elections. If Samajwadi Party enters an alliance with Congress the loss could be rectified. Apart from that Congress has focused its attention towards Muslim voters of Madhya Pradesh. Besides fielding Muslim candidates, the voters are being contacted.

According to reliable sources, Kamal Nath feels that if Muslim voters fearlessly come to the polling stations and vote in large numbers as the Muslim voters of Karnataka did, BJP’s defeat is sure; with or without alliance.