Madhuri proud of women’s growing presence in filmmaking world

New Delhi: Actress Madhuri Dixit says the filmmaking world in India has come a long way in terms of giving opportunities for women behind the scenes.

The popular actress, known for her graceful dance skills, says that in her initial days in Bollywood, she would only see a woman in the make-up or choreography department.

“Everybody else was a man. Now when I go to a set, there are women in every department — be it make-up, camera, script writing, assistant direction… I look around and see women everywhere and that’s what gives me hope (for the country’s womenfolk),” Madhuri said here at the Women in the World summit here on Friday.

Flashing her million dollar smile, she said she also sees hope for women due to summits such as this where people share inspiring stories about their and others’ lives.

Madhuri said it’s important that “dialogues continue”.

“We need to keep talking about issues, because change doesn’t happen overnight… I am hopeful that tomorrow there will be a change,” added the actress, who has regaled film viewers for three decades.