Madhur Bhandarkar hopes Censor Board to be lenient to ‘Indu Sarkar

Mumbai: The trailer of Madhur Bhandarkar’s upcoming movie ‘ Indu Sarkar’ was launched in Mumbai.

At the trailer launch, the acclaimed filmmaker said he hopes that the Central Board of Film Certification ( CBFC) will be lenient to his picture.

While talking to the media, Bhandarkar shared, “I hope censor board will be lenient to our film and pass the film. I do know that movies with political backdrop do get in trouble sometimes. I wish the way they were lenient with the trailer, likewise they pass the film.”

When quizzed about what king of research he had to do for the movie, the director said, “I had read several books like ‘ The Untold Emergency’ by Kuldeep Nayyar. I read the Shah commission and did a lot of research in Nehru centre in Delhi which helped me a lot. We got a lot of material from there.”

The ‘ Fashion’ helmer also shared that 70 percent of this film is fictional and 30 percent is real, which has been taken by the documentations or books.

Meanwhile, talking about her character, the film’s leading lady, Kirti Kulhari shared that stammering was the most difficult part of the film and had to put a lot of effort to get it right.

Talking about the biggest challenge during the film, Kirti noted, “It was the most important characteristic for me. Stammering was the most difficult part of the film. I met a psychologist to prepare for the character and understand it, and then even met speech therapists. Stammering in itself is such a vast subject, there are so many kinds of stammering so we had to lock down on a stammering pattern that I can carry, something that doesn’t look fake and something that people don’t laugh at. I practiced a lot for it when I was on my own. However, the approach is similar to how I went about in ‘Pink’.” (ANI)