Madhesis say Nepal trying to defame India

Raxaul: The Madhesis protesting at the Indo-Nepal border have accused the Nepalese authorities of strategising against India to defame the country.

“They are also lying that the Indian boy, who was killed yesterday, was throwing stones. It is their strategy to defame India. There is no involvement of India here,” said Geeta Lamba, one of the protestors.

She said that despite conducting a peaceful protest yesterday, the police started beating them due to which she suffered injuries.

“After the Indian trucks started coming in yesterday, we were just sitting here peacefully and yet the police started beating us. I cannot openly show my wounds to the media,” she added.

Another protestor, Jitendra Sonal, reiterated that the Indian boy killed by the police yesterday was innocent and warned that they would move the international court if an investigation does not take place into the matter.

“There should be an investigation into the matter involving the official and the Home Ministry. He (the official) should be suspended. If this does not happen, we will take the issue to the international court,” he said.

An Indian student was killed yesterday in the Nepal Police firing in Parsa District near No Man’s Land on the Indo-Nepal border in which nearly 35 security forces were injured, Nepal’s Ambassador to India Deep Kumar Upadhyay said.

For over two months now, the Madhesi protestors have been opposing Nepal’s new Constitution. (ANI)