‘We are made to stand in queues like beggars to withdraw our own money’

Hyderabad: Currency crisis continues to haunt the citizens even after 25 days of note ban. People’s problems have multiplied after 1st of December. Banks put up no cash board within two hours of beginning the transactions. ATM centres have no money. People do not have money to buy necessities and medicines.

People standing in queues told that one decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made us beggars. He has made us stand in queues to withdraw our own money. A retd. Servant Jangaiah told that he is BP and sugar patient. He has to stand in queues for hours to withdraw his pension. Still there’s no assurance that there will be cash in the bank till he reaches the counter. He doesn’t have money to buy medicines or carry out medical tests.

Another government servant narrated his tale that he stood in queues for many days by availing half-day leave from work but failed to withdraw amount. RBI released 1800 Cr but no one has the idea where the money has gone, because banks daily put up no cash notice after two hours of transactions.

Expressing anger over demonetisation move, another youth Imran said Narendra Modi had assured that the issue will be resolved within few days, but 25 days have passed but the problem remained as it was. No one is there to feel the problems faced by the common man. No leader either big or small is seen standing in queues. The brunt is to be borne by only poor and middle class.

A lady Shaheen Sultana said one haste decision of prime minister has made ladies to stand in queues for hours.

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