Maddy doesn`t go shirtless to show newly-built body

New Delhi : Bollywood actor R.Madhavan is no more the boy next door, as he has acquired a rough and tough look for his upcoming flick, ‘Saala Khadoos’.

However, the journey to be what the character demands was not an easy one for the actor as he worked-out like a maniac for six months.

Madhavan, who didn’t want to look like a body builder, said there are hardly any scenes in the film which would make the audiences witness his physical transformation.

“You will see my body but it is nowhere like Salman Khan’s. But yeah, the character is of a boxer and he looks bulky and someone who can put up a good fight against anyone, so that’s the kind of body I was aiming for,” said Madhavan to ANI.

He continued, “However, when I would have to do a role which would want me to rip off my clothes, I will definitely work for six-pack abs. The script has to drive me nuts in trying to get it.”

Madhavan spent two-and-a-half years preparing for the role, in which he learnt boxing and also, padding to look like a professional boxer.

‘ Saala Khadoos’, directed by Sudha Kongara, is scheduled to release on Friday January 29. (ANI)