Madarsa in Aligarh to have both temple and mosque: Salma Ansari

ALIGARH: Setting an example of Hindu-Muslim unity and religious tolerance, Salma Ansari wife of former Vice-President Hamid Ansari, has decided to build both a temple and a mosque inside the “Chacha NehruMadarsa” run by her here. She asserts that this will also ensure the safety and security of students studying here.

“The security of the students who reside in the Hostel here is our responsibility. When they go outside the madrasa for visiting a temple or mosque and some untoward incident happened then it will be our responsibility. Realizing it, we have decided that both mosque and temple would be constructed within the premises so that the security and safety of our children is ensured,” she said.

“I want that in building Hindustan everyone should have a say. Here I am concerned only with the safety of our children,” said Ansari.

“The death penalty for mob lynching is a good deterrent. Such crimes are a blot on society. While running a Madarsa we must look at its every aspect,” she said.

The Madarsa houses thousands of students including both Hindus and Muslims.