Mac’s version of forecast bar brings iOS flavor

New Delhi: When the forecast bar was launched for the Mac, it brought the flavour of iOS to OS X, putting a sleek weather forecast in the menu bar.

According to, everything about the bar is influenced by iOS, from the at-a-glance interface to the hidden charts and animated icons, it is refreshing to see a mobile-minded developer bring their vision to the Mac first.

The forecast bar feels right at home on iOS. Launching it brings up a screen that will be instantly familiar to users of its Mac app.

At the top, one finds a quick summary of the current conditions-temperature, real-feel, highs and lows, and a brief sentence explaining what to expect over the next hour.

Tapping anywhere within the box leads to a page with expanded data, including time of daylight, visibility, moon phase, dew point, and humidity.

The forecast bar keeps it all under control, utilizing tiny meters to add a bit of visual flair and boost its glanceability.

Forecast Bar on the Mac always had the soul of an iOS app, so it’s no surprising that it shines on the iPhone. (ANI)