M. P. State Lawsuit Management Policy approved

Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh State Lawsuit Management Policy-2018 has been approved by the state cabinet. The Cabinet meeting was held here on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the state Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan which gave the approval.

Under the policy, state level and department level empowered committee besides district level monitoring committee will be constituted for effective management, supervision and handling of lawsuits. Grievances redressal system will be established to redress complaints of government officers/employees in each department at district and state level. Redressal of such complaints will be ensured within 8 weeks, under the system so that government officers/employees should avoid going to the court for redressal of their complaints related to service rules, according to an official spokesman of the state government.

In order to make available a competent and professional legal officer in departments, a regular cadre will be developed under the control and supervision of the law department. By making the appeal process simple, right to appeal has been given to the concerned collector/ district authority in the cases related to government lands and properties, in which an order or decision has been passed against the government. Necessity of separate permission of the law department for review has been abolished.

Strengthening the alternate dispute redressal mechanism, provision has been made in the policy for maximum use of mediums like arbitral and arbitration to solve the disputes. A competent and effective procedure will be set up to withdraw cases by identifying minor cases and the cases which have become unproductive, so that number of pending cases could be reduced.

Moreover, provisions have made for immediate and proper action against the persons, who found guilty of negligence in constant supervision of the reasons of delay in the court cases and for not presenting the stand of the government cases in effective manner.

In addition to the above, several provisions are being made for effective management of court cases and to make administrative arrangements more accountable at state/department/district level. Directives will be prepared to clearly state the work and responsibilities and to strengthen the working procedure of government law officers, advocates, prosecutors and in-charge officers of the cases.

By Mr. Pervez Bari