M.M. Khan murder: Sisodia accuses hotelier of working under political patronage

New Delhi : Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday accused that a former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA , MP Maheish Girri and Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung “supported the hotel owner who got NDMC officer M.M. Khan murdered”, adding that “the accused was working under political patronage”.

“Even I am shocked to see how an honest officer was murdered. The murderer is a hotel owner, who is in jail now. BJP’s ex-MLA and MP supported the hotel owner. The L-G himself intervened into the NDMC within a week. So, it is clear that the hotel owner had a political patronage,” Sisodia told the media here.

Sisodia further stated that with the kind of letters coming out in the open, it is to be seen whether any other person is involved in the murder.

“It is needed to be seen whether any other people are also involved in this other than the LG, Maheish Girri and ex-MLA,” he added.

Amid the ongoing controversy surrounding the murder of Khan, the Lieutenant Governor’s office clarified its stand earlier today that everyone understands that the claims of the Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP) are frivolous, and therefore, the attempt to draw political mileage from this tragedy is sad.

The clarification comes just days after Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung’s office sent Delhi hotelier Ramesh Kakkar’s petition against Khan to the NDMC asking for “action as per law” following reports that the official was allegedly murdered for refusing to take bribe from him.

The statement issued by the Lieutenant Governor’s office said the Delhi Police arrested seven people within 24 hours, adding full recovery was made and further investigations are on.

“Further, on receipt of a proposal from the Hon’ble Chief Minister, the Lt. Governor promptly approved a compensation of Rupees One crore to the family of the deceased officer,” the statement said.

The L-G office said, “A letter from M/s Prominent Hotels Limited was submitted by Maheish Girri, MP, East Delhi, to Hon’ble Lt. Governor on 10.05.2016, stating that in any dispute between the Licensee and the Licensor, arbitration would rest before Lt. Governor of Delhi under Clause 54 of the License Deed dated 16 July 1982.”

This letter was forwarded to Chairperson, New Delhi Municipal Council vide U.O. No. RN/16/A-3212 dated 11.05.2016 for necessary action as per the law.

“Subsequently, an arbitration petition dated 12.05.2016 was also submitted by the same Licensee in this Secretariat. This was also forwarded to Chairperson, New Delhi Municipal Council, for being legally examined and to intimate action taken/position in the matter,” the statement said.

“It needs to be mentioned that the matter had been duly processed on file in this Secretariat on 16.5.2016, prior to the tragic death of Mr Khan, and the letter dated 17.05.2016 was issued in the normal course, without the knowledge of the tragic death,” it added.

In response to the above, vide two letters dated 19.05.2016 and 03.06.2016 Joint Director (Estates), New Delhi Municipal Council, stated that the License Deed had been cancelled and the cancellation was upheld by the Apex Court and thus attained finality; as such, the arbitration clause did not survive and the said reference had been filed by New Delhi Municipal Council.

The position was duly noted in this Secretariat and vide letter dated 22.06.2016 of this Secretariat, Chairman, New Delhi Municipal Council was directed to ensure effective and expeditious action in the matter in pursuance of Hon’ble Supreme Court order as also take all consequential action as per law.

The matter was therefore dealt strictly as per rules and procedure. This indeed is the established procedure that is followed when such representations are received.

The NDMC official was shot dead outside his house in Jamia Nagar by two motorcycle-borne assailants on May 16. (ANI)