Lycos announces launch of Brightcom

Hyderabad (India)/Herziliya (Israel) : Lycos, the global Internet brand, today announced that the company is working on a meaningful and widespread reorganization of the group. These changes are designed to simplify the way LYCOS interacts with customers, partners, investors and world at large. This move will facilitate the organization in becoming more nimble and responsive.

In line with the above plan, the company announced the launch of Brightcom.

Brightcom brings together the legacy of ‘Ybrant Digital’ alongside the ‘Brightcom’ Media initiative. This combines data-driven technology together with the company’s strong bonds with advertisers and publishers, all in one consolidated platform.

The motto of the brand is ‘Leading through technology, winning through people’.

The global expert team, be it in APAC, Israel, Europe, USA or Latin America, offers know-how and perspective, which are shaped into a strategy and a plan of action eventually executed to meet the clients’ goals.

The current operations will remain intact. If anything, they will only get better. There are new products, exclusive media-assets and new offices, waiting to be unveiled soon.

Gali Arnon will take on the role of CEO of Brightcom. She is a natural choice to take up this role due to her initiative in bringing together the core idea and the entire business plan for Brightcom. She will transition out of her current role as the General Manager of the Advertising Division of LYCOS, Ybrant Digital.

Gali Arnon, CEO of Brightcom, said “We are setting sail on a new path to reach our ultimate goal – Earning and maintaining our partners’ trust. Thanks for sharing our journey!” (ANI-Businesswire India)