Ludhiana battles heatwave conditions, temp reaches 44 degree Celsius

Ludhiana: Scorching heat wave conditions has not only gripped the national capital but also Punjab’s Ludhiana.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the minimum and maximum temperatures in Ludhiana are hovering at 28 degree Celsius and 44 degree Celsius, respectively. The relative humidity is around 8 per cent. For the next few days, the temperature will continue to be above 40 degree Celsius.

The heat wave is making life difficult for all the sections of the society in the region especially those who have to commute under the hot sun. The locals are battling the heat wave by purchasing water, juices from shops at traffic signals.

Some locals spoke to ANI and shared their problems saying that the citizens must take steps such as planting trees and conserving water to battle with the heat.

“Everyday, the temperature is increasing. We are not able to step out of our house. I request them all to plant more trees and not to waste water. I also advise them to consume liquid as much as possible,” said Manu Sharma, a local

“My eyes are burning from the past couple of days. I am now unable to tolerate the heat. I am buying sugarcane juice every day to beat the heat,” said another local.

On Saturday, the IMD had issued a “red alert” for Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab and Delhi, with a severe heat wave expected in the next couple of days. A heat wave is usually declared when the maximum temperature remains above 45 degrees Celsius for two consecutive days. Narnaul (Haryana) sizzled at 47.2 and Hisar at 45.6 degrees yesterday.