#LucknowTerrorOp: Police questioned Saifullah in the morning, could’ve easily nabbed him

LUCKNOW: Suspected militant identified as Saifullah was gunned down in a house early on 8 March after a 12-hour long encounter on the outskirts of Lucknow.

But, the ‘Terror Operation’ would not last long if the police search the suspect’s room, he would have been nabbed comfortably.

It was reported in Hindi Daily that before the operation, police had reached the place to resolve a dispute between father and son, the second tenant of the house in which ATS has carried out the operation.

According to Abdul Qayyum, the tenant, at around 9.30 am in the morning, there was a quarrel between him and his son. They informed the police control operator about this.

Soon after, the PRC reached the spot. Even an admin and a soldier came from Kakori police station.

Qayyum told that the policemen not only came inside his house and listened to the matter but made peace to the quarrel between the father-son.

They remained in the house for almost an hour. During this, the suspects were also present.

While leaving, the policemen also sneaked a look at the other tenent’s room and also questioned the suspects where they live and asked for the IDs.

The suspect gave the information about staying in Kanpur and also shows them the ID, which was with Qayyum, added the other tenents.

The police after seeing their IDs went away from there.

Almost after five hours of the police exit, the UP-ATS carried out the terror operation.

If only the police search the suspect’s room then perhaps they would have found anything and would be able to catch them comfortably.

Saifullah was killed in Thakurganj in an exchange of fire with the ATS commandoes.