Lucknow: Husband killed four daughters says mother

Lucknow: The UP Police has traced the location of the accused house in Bihar’s Bettiah town who allegedly has pushed four of his minor girls off a running train for unknown reasons, killing the girls.

The accused Mohd Iddu who boarded a train from Bihar to Jammu allegedly pushed his minors girls Rubina, 12; Albun, 9; Muniya, 7 and Shamina, 4 on 24 October and is absconding since then.

A week after a man allegedly pushed off four of his daughters from a running train, resulting in the death of one of the girls in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur district, government railway police (GRP) traced the culprit’s house in Bihar’s Bettiah town. The accused, however, is still on the run.

Two bodies have been recovered from the railway tracks. One is identified as the accused 7-year-old daughter while the second body was believed to be his wife’s Afreen.

With the return of the accused’s wife, Afreen Khatoon assumed dead by the Police along with their 2-year-old daughter to their hometown in Bettiah, raised doubts about the second body recovered on railway tracks.

The accused Iddu works in Jammu as a laborer and is believed to leave his house on 29 October. He was living with his stepson before leaving his house.

According to the sources, Afreen reportedly told the police officers that her husband has pushed off the girls while she was sleeping with their youngest daughter.

He is reported to have got off the train at Jammu after abandoning Afreen after the assault on 25 October.