Lucknow: 80 pc of the non-veg eaters are non-Muslims

Lucknow: Non-veg eatery shops in Lucknow, the city famous across the world for its delicacies, were deserted on the occasion of Navratri. Because according to an estimate more than 80 percent of the non-vegetarians comprise of non-Muslims.

Navratri comes twice a year. On the occasion, Hindus fast for 9 days and non-vegetarians, avoid eating non-veg, as a result, the non-veg food stores remain closed. Press Club which has a big market of non-veg hotels remains completely closed on Navratri.

According to shop owners, the sale of non-veg items drops so much so that the cost exceeds the sale. Hence they are forced to shut the hotel for the 9 days. It causes huge loss. They say 80 pc of their customers are non-Muslims.

President Poultry Parivar Uttar Pradesh Aslam Zaidi says in usual days, the sale of chicken reaches to 50 to 80 thousand in the city, which drops down to 30 thousand during Navratri. Similarly, demand for meat is generally 100 to 150 quintals which reduces to 50 to 70 quintals during Navratri.