LS polls: NRI Dr Mohammed Jameel of Congress demands Jamath-e-Islami Telangana to clarify its stance

USA: NRI Dr Mohammed Jameel of Congress demanded Jamath e Islami Telangana to clarify its stance now on parliament elections. In last assembly elections, Jamath leadership ignored its fundamental concept of Iqamat e deen for which its leaders give beautiful speeches but ironically supported a party TRS in assembly elections, the party who voted for BJP candidates particularly that of vice chairman Rajya Sabha which is the highest law-making body! Now it remained to be seen whether it will give visionary direction or else fall in the same concept of strengthening useless regional parties and supporting them and misguide the ummah. People are watching your moves this time. It remains to be seen if Jamath e Islami has political vision nationally or goes with the party who is well known as a hidden ally of BJP! Time has come to remind people of Telangana that nationwide minorities particularly Muslims are being lynched in the name of beef ,saffronization of education, removal of Muslim names from the historical sites, triple talaq and interference in shariah, and overall clear cut stand of BJP towards hatred of Muslims and this elections are the key for Muslim minority population throughout India to chalk out a unified strategy nationally and hopefully Jamath leadership considers the ramifications of its decisions on nation and minorities in specific !!

We appeal all Muslim ulemas, organizations to come to a common platform in Telangana and adapt a resolution to defeat BJP at the national level at any cost!