LS Polls: BJP covering its ‘gross failures’ now wants war, not peace: Congress

Sivaganga (Tn): Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said that he suspects BJP party wants war and this time its covering up it’s gross failures by only highlighting the national security issue in its manifesto.

This time the saffron party is avoiding any talk on its bigtime failures he said will speaking in an interview with a news source.

BJP’s promise to scrap Articles 370 and 35A in Jammu and Kashmir would be a major disaster he said, New Indian Express reports.

“BJP’s manifesto does not speak about demonetisation. It no longer speaks about 2 crore jobs, which is an admission of failure. Because they have to cover up these gross failures they are now taking a hardline on what they call national security,” Chidambaram reminds people.

And this notion that only BJP can keep the nation secure is utter rubbish as for 10 long years during the UPA rule India never faced any threat from its neighbouring nations he said.

“In fact it is the hardline and the boast and the exaggerated claims made by BJP which has aggravated tension on the border. People in border areas are living in fear that war may break out anytime. I have a suspicion that BJP wants a war. I don’t think they want peace. They want a war,” Chidambaram explains to why things have gone awry over the past few years.