LS, left parties will fight against corruption: JP

Lok Satha Party president Dr Jayaprakash Narrayana today said that the fight will continue against corruption, for elections, democracy and change in constitution system for the cause of people. Our fight against corruption and for democracy and on peoples issues will be continued irrespective of participation in elections he said while participating in 10th anniversary of Lok Satta at Sundaraiah Vignan Kendra here.

JP said that the communists did not join his party then for various reasons and they must come together to bring in a political change. He expressed confidence that he will convince the left parties to work together to wage a combined fight on such key issues. Jayaprakash said that he will strive for the cause of the people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should try to bring in changes in the system to reduce corruption. He also said that LS will go ahead with its plan to maintain better relations between the government and public and take on corruption. Irrespective of elections and results our party will continue to wage protests to protect the democratic values and rights of the people he averred. Party national president Surendra Srivastava, TS president Pandurana Rao and activists from 31 districts turned up to the program. (NSS)