LPG prices witness second hike in November

New Delhi: Price of LPG cylinder has been increased for a second time this month. A subsidised 14.2 kg LPG cylinder is now sold at Rs 507.42 in the national capital, witnessing a hike of Rs 2.08.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas attributed the hike to their decision of increasing the commission for LPG distributors. While distributors were earlier paid Rs 49.89 and Rs 24.20 for each 14.2 and 5 kg cylinder respectively, their commission has now been hiked to Rs 50.58 and Rs 25.29 per cylinder.

LPG prices were last revised on November 1, when costs per cylinder went up by Rs 2.94 against the October prices. LPG rates are usually revised at the start of every month, with the government subsidising any hike in international LPG prices.

Any changes in LPG costs are due to a revision in GST rates, which caused the hike earlier this month.

Meanwhile, LPG cylinder is priced at Rs 510.70, Rs 505.08 and Rs 495.39 in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai respectively.

Meanwhile, non-subsidised 14.2 kg LPG cylinders in the national capital witnessed a hike of Rs 2.50 and is now being sold at Rs 942.50. The revised rates for an LPG cylinder in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai are Rs 971.50, Rs 913.50 and Rs 960.00 respectively.