Low dangling power cables in graveyard continue to pose danger

Hyderabad: Low hanging power cables and wires have emerged as a major safety threat for funeral attendees and also for the people who carry biers are also facing difficulties to take the deceased to the grave in the centuries old graveyard in Moghalpura.

These power poles pose a serious threat to people visiting the graveyard and complaining about it on a regular basis. 

The committee of ‘Daira Mir Momin’ demanded the GHMC officials and the TSSPDCL officials conduct a joint inspection of the centuries old graveyard in Moghalpura old city.

Syed Mujtaba Hussain Abidi, said that there were many instances when the visitors used bamboo sticks to keep the dangling power cables away from the public. “Not all know about the danger at the place. If anyone comes in contact with the live power cable and dies, it will be a serious issue.

A person who recently visited the graveyard told that he along with others tried their best to raise the height of the dangling cables with bamboo support, but they still pose a threat. 

Zeeshan Mosavi, secretary of the committee said that the poles affixed in the burial grounds are on the verge of collapsing and the power cables are dangling precariously posing risk to the visitors.

“Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the numbers of dead bodies significantly increased. In such scenarios, people are at risk of getting electrocuted and immediately action should be taken,” he demanded.