Low cost 3D human organ models in the offing

Tokyo :Researchers in Japan have successfully developed a new technology that can cut the cost of producing 3D printed human organ models by a third.

The University of Tsukuba in conjunction with Dai Nippon Printing Co (DNP) developed a low cost human organ model production technique for use with 3D printers that helps unveil complicated interior organ structure.

Nobuhiro Ohkohchi and Yukio Oshiro of the Faculty of Medicine, and Jun Mitani of the Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems produced a 3D printer-based technique for producing human organ models in a format that makes internal structures, such as blood vessels easier to see.

The newly developed technique allows for the production of 3D human organ models at costs as low as 1/3 compared to those for currently available technology, researchers said.

It is expected that the penetration of the new technique will lead to the promotion of clinical site applications, they said.