Low calorie desserts this Diwali can eventually lead to your healthy lifestyle

New Delhi [India]: Playing cards, twinkling diyas and eating mithai, Diwali is all this and more. But as much as we love this festive month, it also acts as a dampener on our fitness plans and goals.
All those parties, fried indulgences, mithai boxes and boxes of edible gifts eventually lead you down an unhealthy path that you have been avoiding the rest of the year.

So, Abhay Sharma,COO of Menchie’s India have come up with some low calorie desserts this Diwali to make the festival special and healthy.

Firstly, its frozen yogurt. It’s believed that frozen yogurt achieves the perfect balance. It’s not as heavy as ice cream and yet, has a certain edge over regular flavored yogurt. Various frozen yogurt brands in India are having huge variety of options as flavor and one can change up their flavors every week, so you’ll never be bored.

Try the cheesecake flavour or the chocolate, which packs quite a punch in your nearest frozen yogurt stores. You can also experiment with the same and blend it and have it as a cold beverage.

Secondly sweet potato halwa can be a good option. Sweet potato or Shakarkandi is a root vegie which is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and dietary fibres. Sweet potato is a main ingredient for a lot of Navratri dishes. The halwa, made from sweet potato pulp cooked prior with olive oil and roasted dry fruits, is also extremely nutritious and a treat for the sweet-tooth cravings.

Another option can be Kele ki Barfi. Bananas are very rich in potassium and are known to be instant energy providers. Made out of bananas, milk, khoya and coconut, this is one of the much loved nutritional sweet dishes. There is almost very less or no intake of sugar because bananas have a natural sweetness. (ANI)