I would love to watch my first fashion show: Giorgio Armani

London: Ace designer Giorgio Armani wishes he could travel back in time and watch his first fashion show. The 81-year-old fashion legend formed his company Armani in 1975 and is one of the most successful designers ever to have graced the industry, reported Contactmusic.

“My own first fashion show (in 1974) sitting in the audience rather than backstage, because that’s when it all began,” he replied during an interview with magazine when asked which fashion show he wishes he had seen.

Giorgio takes his work very seriously and despite carving out a reputation for producing impeccably clean tailored lines, he doesn’t take success for granted.

The designer pays great attention to detail, admitting his friends would probably describe him as ‘fussy’ and ‘meticulous’.

However, he also prides himself on being a true friend and lots of fun to be around.