Love turn cruel, man drowns 3 kids in manhole to marry their mother

Acting cruelly a 20 year old man in Bengaluru killed three children, aged between 4 and 8, by drowning them into an open manhole, on August 27, just to marry their single mother.

The gruesome act of an apparently unrequited love comes just hours after Bengaluru discovered that a techie named MG Gokul allegedly killed his wife, by hitting her head with the Ganesh idol.

The accused is identified as Fayum Baig, who was allegedly in love with the mother of three siblings.

According to police, Nazima, a resident of KG Halli in the IT City, was living single after her husband left for Hyderabad six months ago. Fayum wanted to marry her, but Nazima was not keen because of her children.

Angry over the rejection of the marriage proposal, Fayum hatched a plan to kill her children with a hope that she may marry him, if the children are eliminated. He picked the kids from their school and later drowned them in a manhole in the HBR Layout area of Bengaluru.

“Since the children are already knew him, they accompanied him”, said police Inspector. The mother of kids had reported their missing to the police on the same day.

One of the bodies of the kids has been recovered so far. Police sources said they still have to interrogate Fayum to find out if he has thrown the other bodies elsewhere.