Love letters in Urdu from Pakistan land a Muslim youth in jail for 11-years

Lucknow: Javed, a TV mechanic of Rampur spent 11 years and 6 months in prison since police found love letters written in Urdu sent from his possession which were sent from Pakistan.

Javed disclosed the story on the occasion of his felicitation by a social organization called ‘Rihai Manch’.

He said that police picked him up in the morning of 10th August, 2002 when he had opened his shop near Degree College road.

He was subjected to third degree torture continuously for three days by the police. The policemen forced him to accept that the letters which were written in Urdu were sent to him from the Pakistani agency ISI. In fact there letters were sent to him by his girlfriend Mobina from Pakistan. She wrote eight letters to him. Later, Javed was produced before court on the third day and then his media trial started.
According to the news published in DC, “The media trial was worse than the police atrocities that I faced. Later, I learnt that my friends Maqsood and Taj Mohammad had also been picked up by the cops the same day,” he said.
He also told that the policemen produced a map of Bareily Cantonment and forced him to confess that it had been recovered from his possession.
Javed suffered more than 11 years imprisonment. It took more than a decade to prove his innocence. He was ultimately released in 2014.

He recollected that he had met Mobina during his visit to Pakistan in 1999. She was his distant relative. He fell in love with her. However, due to his imprisonment he lost contact with her. She must have been married by now, he said. He wants to shift his business to a new city to start life afresh.