Love jihad Vs Triple talaq: Owaisi questions hypocrisy over women’s freedom

Hyderabad: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi today asked those championing women’s rights in the triple talaq issue why they were not defending the same freedom of choice when a Hindu woman decided to marry a Muslim man.

He was answering a reporter’s question here on the NIA’s statement in the Supreme Court today that a “pattern” was emerging in Kerala as part of the alleged ‘love jihad‘ campaign.

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“In the triple talaq issue, everybody criticised that there is no independence to take decision for Muslim women. Now, a 24-year-old woman (in Kerala) takes a decision on her own (to marry a Muslim man), what happens to that independent decision? Why are those voices silent now?” Owaisi asked.

The apex court today ordered the NIA to probe a case of marriage of a Hindu woman with a Muslim man and her conversion. The agency claimed it was not an isolated incident but part of a “pattern” emerging in Kerala.