Love jihad case: ‘My father hits and kicks me, I may be killed soon,’ says Hadiya

New Delhi: Twenty-five-year old Hadiya in a video taken by a social activist, Rahul Easwar, says her father hits and kicks her as she has been kept under house arrest by her parents.

“You need to get me out. I will be killed anytime, tomorrow or the day after, I am sure. I know my father is getting angry. When I walk, he is hitting and kicking me. If my head or any other part of my body hits somewhere and I die…” says Hadiya in the 16-second long video published by The News Minute.

Hadiya got married to Shafin Jahan and their marriage was annulled by the Kerala High Court in May this year on a petition filed by her father. Hadiya has not even stepped outside since her parents have taken her into custody.

Rahul Easwar had released the video at a press meet that held in Ernakulam on Thursday. Easwar added that he could not release the entire footage due to its communal content.

YouTube video

When asked about the timing of the video, Easwar said: “After I released the first video, Hadiya’s father Ashokan, had moved legally against me, accusing me of breach of trust. Now the HC has said that his case won’t stand. In that circumstance, I can confidently release the footage.”

Hadiya can be heard in the first video as saying, “Is this how I should live? Is this my life?” While her mother Ponnamma is seen mourning over how her only daughter was misled into embracing Islam.

Easwar said, he had submitted the footage to Justice RV Raveendran on August 23. “I followed all legal steps and mailed the video to Justice Raveendran. But when he did not take up the case, I gave a written complaint to the Women’s Commission and also submitted the footage to them,” he said.

However, neither the commission nor the police were able to meet Hadiya in person to record her statement.