Love gardening? Here are some tips monsoon gardening

New Delhi [India]: Every season has its own importance in the world of gardening. But monsoon is the best time of the year for garden lovers for planting and re – potting.

This season is usually considered to start from the month of July and is in full force in August and starts to lessen in September.

Monsoon is considered fast growing season. July is an active month – it is the time to sow, plant, re – pot, propagate, to divide and to de – weed.

Harpreet Ahluwalia of Earthly Creations shares some useful tips for Monsoon gardening for the gardening lovers to take delicate care of their beloved plants –

· Attention should be paid to plants in pots and beds. They should be kept free from any standing water through proper drainage. Water should not stagnate and block the soil.

· Flower beds must be slightly raised so that water flows down but let the moisture stay.

· Humid weather also brings in prolific growth of weeds. Constant de – weeding is one of the most important activity of this season.

· Pruning is another important task soon after summer. Pruning just prior to monsoon helps in faster growth of plants and ensures air and sunlight reaches every part of the plant.

· Dead growth should be removed as this encourages plants to throw fresh shoots.

· Take extra care of plants in monsoon as along with weeds. This is the breeding period of insects and worms. They are good also but at times can damage your plant.

· While monsoon is good for roses and annuals like balsam, zinnia, cosmos, celosia, and palms. It is tough on chrysanthemums, mother plants and succulents and cacti.

· Clear rain water by bringing non -chlorinated water which is very important for the growth and rejuvenation of the plants.

The most important activity of monsoon is to plan the layout of your garden for winter sowing of flowers and vegetables. (ANI)