Love through Facebook, girl attempts suicide

Love through the Facebook turned tragic for a 21-year-old B.Tech student leading to her suicide on Sunday.

According to police the victim belongs to Raparthi in Khammam district and the accused Srinivas Naidu, 22, were classmates at school. After school, both joined different colleges. The girl is a final year student in an Engineering college at Ghatkesar.

Police said two years ago they came in contact through Facebook. The duo fell in love with each other and Srinivas promised to marry the victim.

He promised her to marry and took her to his residence at Chintal and allegedly abused her. Recently, she came to know that Srinivas is preparing to marry another girl.

“He rejected her saying that he is from a higher caste and cannot marry her as she belonged to a lower caste. He harassed her physically, mentally and sexually. Many times he took money from her for personal use. She believed him blindly,” said a close relative of the victim.

The victim went to Srinivas’s house at Chintal where he rejected her again. The victim consumed BP tablets on July 27 and attempted suicide. She is now in a private hospital in Jeedimetla and her condition is reportedly critical.

Srinivas frequently borrow the money from the victim that her father sent her to pay college fees and for personal expenses

The girl is undergoing treatment and is on ventilator. Her condition is said to be critical. Police registered a case and sent the accused to judicial remand.