Would love to do a biopic on Sakshi Malik, says Sonakshi

MUMBAI: Actress Sonakshi Sinha says she “would love” to work in the biopic of Rio Olympics bronze medal-winning wrestler Sakshi Malik.

“Of course I would love to do the biopic on her. Now Sakshi has also admitted that I am powerful and I do the stunts well. If any movie is being made on Sakshi, I would definitely play her character,” she said at the LikeAGirl campaign’s flagging-off on Tuesday.

About the gender bias in payments of Bollywood, the “Akira” star said: “I think gender biases in fees can be seen in any industry, not just in Bollywood. That is why we came here to tell people that do not make feel your girl that she is less than anyone. So that in future they should not face the problem of gender biases. Gender equality is utmost important.”

“Today women have come to a position where they can raise their voice against any odd. They are doing so well in every field. So the awareness is there and things are changing but gender equality is yet to be achieved,” she added.

Asked if ever someone has restrained her from doing something in her life, Sonakshi , 29 replied: “Honestly if someone has tried to restrain me from doing something, I am an obstinate girl so might be I haven’t listened to that. This is why I am here today. I am fortunate that my parents have always supported me and made me realized that I am no less than my brothers.”

Sonakshi currently is filming Sunhil Sippy’s comedy “Noor”. She has also signed for Abhay Chopra’s remake of the 1969 murder mystery, “Ittefaq” opposite Sidharth Malhotra, and Vipul Shah’s comedy “Namastey England” opposite Akshay Kumar.