Loudspeakers not needed for Azaan, though it is an integral part of Islam: Court

The petition is just a cheap mode of attaining publicity by making a well-known singer scapegoat in the name of religion, the court said.

NEW DELHI: The Punjab and Haryana High Court backed singer Sonu Nigam and rejected a petition filed against singer for his controversial tweets against using loudspeakers for azaan.

Dismissing the petition, single-judge bench comprising justice MMS Bedi pointed out that Azaan without a doubt is an integral part of Islam but not the loudspeakers, according to Hindustan Times.

The petition filed by Haryana’s Sonepat resident Aas Mohammad, who says, the tweets violated the Muslim community’s fundamental right to manage religious affairs.

Calling the petition as a “cheap” attempt to gain publicity, justice Bedi said,

“A fair interpretation of the words used by respondent no 4 (Nigam) clearly indicates that the word ‘gundagardi’ in tweet no 4 is not addressed in the context of Azaan but the use of loudspeakers and amplifier.”

The court observed thath the one of the singer’s tweets read “Gundagardi hai bas” was not addressed in context to the azaan but it is meant to the use of loudspeakers and amplifiers.
Last month, Sonu Nigam in a series of tweets had criticised the use of loudspeakers for religious purposes.