‘Loud people’ turn icons for Indians: Palash Sen

New Delhi : Hitting back at the critics of his recently released single album ‘Halla Bol’, singer and composer Dr Palash Sen has said India has become a country where people’s voice is heard only if they create controversies.

The ‘Maeri’ hit-maker, who is best known as the front-man of Indian band ‘Euphoria’, said that citizens in India have started to idolise people who don’t even deserve the stature.

The singer candidly admitted that he has a problem with those people, who make lots of noise.

“The people of this country idolise people who don’t even deserve to be an icon. We have so many doctors, engineers, teachers and scientists, people who do their job genuinely. Why we end up looking up to an actor, politician or a rapper? But they are an icon because media makes them so big,” the ‘Dhoom Pichuk’ singer told ANI in an exclusive conversation.

Taking a dig at Salman Khan’s ‘raped woman’ analogy, he questioned the influential people from every walk of life.

“Why does in our country people get influenced by someone who shouts to shut up everyone? Why do they term that person to be a star who defames others openly in press conference?” he said.

The singer also downplayed accusations on the social media of disrespecting public figures just for the sake of getting some limelight.

“If people think that I have sung and acted in ‘ Halla Bol’ to grab the eyeballs then yes I have done that. See, the people need to understand that to be heard one does not have to create a controversy. The way we had directed our song, it was not really to disrespect or humiliate anybody. It is sheer humour,” Palash told ANI.

When asked how he personally takes twitter trolls, Palash recalling his IIT Bombay controversy said, “Most of the people who are trolling are of two kinds, one they are planted and second are the people who are unhappy about themselves. I feel sad for them because if I would be unhappy about something I would have spoken about it rather than writing over social media,” he said.

For the uninitiated, Sen had while performing at the IIT Bombay fest two years back said the IIT guys will find better looking girls outside who’ll make rotis for them and reportedly advised women to become as intelligent as the boys to join IIT.

“I realised when two years ago a girl accused me of being a sexist. Nobody had seen the entire picture of the matter, yet I was being trolled. So, I was amazed to how hatred instantly takes over people’s mind,” he continued.

The singer added social networking has its own benefits as well but there are some “morons” who wait for you to do something wrong.

On the work front, Palash is gearing up for his next album release, which will talk about love and its different phases. (ANI)