Losing weight comes at great cost!

Montreal: If you are one of those people who think that eating healthy with a bit of exercise can help a person lose weight than you are probably wrong.

According to the Montreal Gazette, only 20 percent of people are successful at reducing their weight by 10 percent and keeping it off for at least a year.

It’s easy to create a plan for burning excess fat, light workout like, 20 repatriations of pushups, 10 consecutive of sit-ups or touching your toes, but getting rid of the spare tire isn’t guaranteed.

It’s has been proven that the body replies to weight loss with compensatory mechanisms that sabotage results. In short, the more you lose the harder it will get to keep the momentum going.

Notably, when you have achieved your goals and stopped your workout and dieting, your new inactive metabolism makes it harder to keep that figures you aimed for.

Furthermore, unwanted weight also causes hormonal changes that make bland food taste mouth-watering. Moreover, hormonal changes will make you crave for food, even when you are not hungry.

Now when you that know why losing weight is so hard, you should also understand that your hard-work is not related to a lack of willpower.

In order to remain fit, one must grab healthy and smaller portions instead of following a trendy diet regime that involves a wholesale change in eating habits or avoiding certain types of food products.

In conclusion, the same goes for exercise, you should not adopt a heavy workout routine, it will make you feel more tired and you probably will spend the rest of the day on your bed feel obliged. The key to long-term weight loss is adopting a healthy lifestyle and not taking up a process you feel obliged to follow.