Lorde’s emotional tribute to David Bowie at 2016 Brit Awards

Washington : Lorde’s performance at the Brit Awards was more than just a performance as she got the opportunity to honour the person, who once called her “the future of music.”

While attending the 2016 Brit Awards, the 19-year-old singer was given the opportunity to honor late David Bowie with an emotional tribute in front of millions, reports E! Online.

As the show streamed live on YouTube, fans around the world watched the 19-year-old sing ‘ Life on Mars’ from the album ‘Hunky Dory.’

Before the performance came to an end, Lorde looked visibly touched as she put her hands on her heart and hugged the backing band before cameras panned away.

Less than two months ago, Bowie passed away after a long battle with cancer. The news was confirmed in an official statement posted on the singer’s Facebook page. (ANI)