Lord Rama is progenitor of Indian nation, says Katju

New Delhi: Former Judge of Supreme Court Justice Markandey Katju said that in an earlier article he had termed Emperor Akbar as the real father of the Indian nation. In the same manner, in another article he had written that Emperor Ashoka is the progenitor of the India nation.

In a recently published article, Justice Katju declared that Lord Rama is the progenitor of Indian nation.

In the present situation, when society is divided on the basis of castes and sects, Hindutva forces have been dominating the scene.

In the present context, can the Muslims accept Lord Rama who has been turned into an icon of terrorism?

In his recent article, Justice Katju wrote indulging in such controversies, it can be said that Lord Rama was a great emperor who did excellent work was later made God.

In fact, in Valmikiā€™s Ramayana, Lord Rama is not God. He is a human prince. Two thousand years later, Tulsidas in Ram Charitra Manas, made him God.

Justice Katju further wrote that had Lord Rama been alive today, he would have certainly punished those who are involved in mob lynching, terrorist activities and in desecrating churches and other places of worship.