Loos with views: The world’s best

New Delhi [India]: It may be just about every traveller’s pet peeve, but it turns out, nature’s call need not always be a nightmare and can be answered beautifully.

When travelling, toilets can be the worst part – confusing foreign languages, puzzling unfamiliar hygiene practices and awkward situations like plane turbulence and moving trains, but at some destinations, they can actually become your trip’s highlight.

From futuristic commodes to box-urinals, ixigo, a travel search engine, has flushed out some toilets that have upped their game and are worth appearing on our Instagram feeds.

According to the World Toilet Organisation, we spend nearly three years of our lives on the throne and it’s probably even more if smartphones accompany us. This fact is enough to set you off on a mission to make an interesting stop along the way.

Here are 13 toilets that are worth travelling to:

1. Barafu Camp, Tanzania

When you are trekking Africa’s tallest mountain, toilet papers become an important investment. Be ready to immerse in the wilderness of various ecosystems and stop by to relax and ease yourself at Barafu camp’s toilet located at the height of 15,287 feet.

2. Eco-toilet, British Columbia, Canada

Eco-toilets are used in areas in areas that lack water. Squat in the woods on this peaceful throne at Taylor Arm Provincial park on the north side of Sproat Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

3. Jonsknuten, Kongsberg, Norway

A Norwegian odyssey means soaking in the beauty of many dramatic landscapes and experiencing the twists of nature’s artistry. The quaint town of Kongsberg opens a window to mount Jonsknuten elevated at the height of 2,966 ft. with a toilet for a picturesque ‘poo-fect’ holiday.

4. Denali, Alaska

Famed as the highest mountain peak in North America with a summit elevation of 20,310 ft., Denali claims a prominent place in the 7 summits of the world and it’s located in Alaska. Dropping a deuce here must feel like an over achievement.

5. Mount Shukshan, Washington, USA

How dream-like would it be on a breezy day after a tiresome long trek to drop the bomb in the mountains? Mount Shukshan provides certain amenities at Sulphide Glacier base that’ll make you fall in love with this scenic destination.

6. Mount Whitney, California, USA

With an elevation of 14,505 feet, Mount Whitney is the highest summit in the contiguous United States. Installing a toilet at such great heights is extremely thoughtful if nothing.

7. Paradise Bay, Antarctica

If you’re planning an expedition to the magnificent glaciers of Antarctica, then Paradise Bay is one of only two harbors used for cruise ships to stop on the continent. Mark your territory by dropping code brown at the quietest toilet in the world.

8. Segantini Hut, Muottas Muragl, Switzerland

Swiss Alps, where the sunsets are a sight to behold and the wintery panoramic view becomes a playground for snowshoe hikers. Silent Segantini hut is located on the summit of Muottas Muragl.

9. Sapporo JR Tower, Japan

This 38-storey tower is a skyscraper and office complex located in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Amongst its many spectacular amenities and features, the male urinals are lined adjacent to the large windows that offer bird’s eye view of the Sapporo city. Now taking a leak here would be really adventurous.

10. The Shard, London

Making a code brown deposit with a stunning view of London at the height of 1,016 ft. has to be worth a million bucks. The Shard is an epitome of exquisite architectural design that stands proudly as the tallest building in the United Kingdom.

11. Thiksey Monastery, Ladakh, India

Inline image 13 Ladakh is every backpacker’s dream come true if you are a sucker for mountainous adventures. Its dramatic landscapes and cascading rivers will put your foreign postcards to shame. Write your poop-tastic travel story now!

12. Toilet Island, Belize

On usual days, one thinks what it would be like to own an island that is no less than any paradise. But an off-beat traveller might have to go an extra mile to discover an island that is famous for a fully functioning toilet.

13. Wringapeak, United Kingdom

How often do you see thrusting waves and a stunning coastal view from your toilet window? Wringapeak offers a luxury accommodation in England with extraordinary vistas. (ANI)