Looking for something good to wear? Try ‘smart’ shirt

Los Angeles :A US-based company has designed a shirt that alerts you to improve your posture if you are slouching.

TruPosture, unveiled by Adela Health, features nano-sensors embedded within a machine-washable, breathable stretchy material.

These sensors are designed to measure the spine’s movement with an accuracy of half a degree, and then send real-time feedback as necessary to the user.

When TruPosture detects an excess in slouching or leaning, it sends vibrations to the target area so the user knows where and how to sit straighter. By sitting straighter, one may be less susceptible to back pain and fatigue, ‘Gizmag’ reported.

TruPosture also features Bluetooth connectivity, which transmits measured data to the free TruPosture app.
Through the app, users can see a real-time graphical representation of their spine as well as track individual progress.

The shirt also offers additional modes to help users improve postures for standing, stretching, or a custom activity.